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At the Height of a Pandemic,
CBRS Proves to be a Game Changer

CBRS LTE network case studies for fixed wireless access

A new CBRS broadband solution was deployed in Montour County, Pennsylvania to bring reliable non-line-of-sight connectivity to the community. In this case study, we explore:

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    CBRS LTE network case studies for fixed wireless access

    With the jump in remote workers in early March, we had urgency and were able to bring CBRS online in 3 weeks.

    Pennsylvania has seen a surge in the need for telemedicine in the last few months. 

    As a result, leveraging a working partnership with the county’s flagship rural healthcare provider, Geisinger, became vitally important in mid-March of 2020 – but a weak link in the approach was evident where residents didn’t have home access to internet service.

    Deploying a Private LTE Network utilizing the CBRS band was a game changer, allowing for network expansion into more rural, forested areas of Montour County. The initial build out was able to provide carrier-grade service to locations that could not be served by traditional line-of-sight gear.

    This case study presents the challenges, solutions, and learnings to deploying BLiNQ’s CBRS certified FW300i.

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