LTE Base Station and WISP Equipment Solution

The Network Solution in a Box


Build a robust, reliable network within your budget

Unbox the Answer Today

The Wireless Solution for Startup Providers


Quality coverage at 13 the price of the nearest competitor


With 3x the capacity, provide LTE network speeds to anyone, anywhere


The solution in a single box, that fits any LTE deployment

Amazing Capacity, The Size of a Backpack.

The FW-300i is a compact piece of hardware that is easy to set up, fits anywhere, and provides incredible network capacity. 

Simply place the FW-300i on the side of a building or water tower and it is ready to go immediately, giving 3x the capacity at 13 the price.

The FW-300i has passed the rigorous testing process to become an OnGo Certified Product.

Enter new markets and get new subscribers with this single box solution.


Become a Wireless Entrepreneur

The FW-300i is the perfect solution for affordable connectivity. It’s completely ready to connect, and can be easily set up to provide exceptional capacity for a fraction of the price of similar products.

Build your own network, gain subscribers, and get a return on your investment in just months.

The FW-300i’s sleek exterior also makes it ideal for downtown busy intersections and urban neighborhoods, without becoming an eyesore.

Instead of multiple boxes and a mess of wires on the roof, the FW-300i is one complete, fully integrated piece of equipment. Just add power and network, and the device is good to go.



Brings massive capacity and standard LTE together

Lowers installation time and operational cost by up to 6x

Works with any LTE CPE on the market

Integrated antennas are built-in, for a "cell-in-a-box" solution

Outperforms competitors in a frequency-2 reuse scenario

Delivers the best cost per gigabit air capacity in the industry