pointing app for CPE installation optimization

Prime Pointing & Performance

Pointing App for Network Installation


Eliminate complexity from installation process and SAS connectivity


Faster and simpler hardware installations with automated toolsets


Machine Learning algorithms to select best installation location

pointing app for CPE installation optimization

Fine-tune your Installations

The PointLiNQ Installation Suite includes a pointing tool and the associated free app designed to guide you through all pre-installation and installation steps. 

Our automated solution toolset helps you reduce hardware installation time, optimize location serviceability and predict performance in various environments.

pointing app for CPE installation optimization


Accuracy and Speed.

Using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and statistic channel models, PointLiNQ’s predictions will help select the best installation location and best serving eNB with greater accuracy and speed.

Using PointLiNQ, installers can:

  • Power the CPE
  • Select the most suitable eNB for the location
  • Adjust the Azimuth and Elevation of CPE for best throughput data position
  • See the connection statistics in real time (signal strength, noise, etc.)
pointing cpe installation optimization app


CPE Installation Optimization for Band 42, 43 and 48

Performs Survey Prior to Installation

Generates List of Available eNBs from Server


Performance Predictions and Iperf Speed Test

Real-Time Connection Statistics & Generates Final Report

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