BLiNQ Networks offers a variety of devices for both Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PmP) topology. Our beamforming technology and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) products provide fixed wireless access to connect the unconnected.

Having end-to-end BLiNQ solutions enables wireless service providers to enter the market rapidly and affordably, knowing that BLiNQ is here to support their every need.


BLiNQ Networks offers a range of 4G LTE & 5G Base Stations and Small Cells featuring advanced cellular technology and upgradable features for future-proof networking and performance. They are easy to set up and deploy, allowing operators and service providers to build and expand their networks.

LTE Base Station and WISP Equipment Solution
Single Unit Solution

Build a robust, reliable network within your budget with our LTE solution in a box.

5G Rural Internet Base Station and Fixed Wireless Cellular Technology
Massive MIMO and Beamforming

Expand your network into new markets with beamforming technology and our leading small cell equipment.

Cable Strand-mount Wireless Beamforming Solution
Customizable Strand-Mounted Solution

Built for cable providers, this LTE small cell is easily configured with software-controlled beam trajectory.

X-300i Rural Internet solutions
Urban Dynamic Coverage

Offer better LTE connectivity with the perfect solution for inside-out and outside-in coverage deployment.

3 Beam Compact Macro Cell

A high capacity, all integrated multicarrier system designed for high-traffic broadband needs in dense suburban markets.

Outdoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

BLiNQ Networks offers two Outdoor CPE devices: a Category 6 High Gain LTE CPE and a Category 12 High Gain LTE CPE. These outdoor Access Points (AP) are located near a customer's home or office to provide a larger wireless range and enhance mobility of usage.

CBRS Certified Residential and Business Wireless Solution with eNB-IoT
Residential and business solutions
FWC CPE Series

With a user-friendly interface and a fully automated deployment, these solutions are ideal for both home users and businesses.

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CBRS LTE network case studies for fixed wireless access

Free Case Study

How a new CBRS broadband solution deployment brought reliable non-line-of-sight connectivity to a community.