FWC Series

Robust Connections.
Uninterrupted Service.


Easy installation, user-friendly interface and fully automated deployment​


Delivers high data rates for uninterrupted streaming and browsing at an affordable price


Best performance and feature set in commercial trials


BLiNQ offers two high-gain outdoor CPE products, Category 6 and 12, and one indoor CPE Category 12/13. These FCC Part 96 / CBRS Certified products are tried and tested by various Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators with great results.

The FWC CPE series is simple to install, operate and maintain. With a user-friendly interface and fully automated deployment, it is perfect for both residential and business users. Regardless of your use case, this CPE series is sure to deliver high data rates, ensuring a reliable connection.

FWC-122HG-35, Category 12 CPE, Band 42, 43 & 48

FWC-110HG-35, Category 6 CPE, Band 42, 43 & 48

FWC-122-25, Category 12 CPE, Band 41

FWC-145IN-35 Indoor CPE



Operates in TDD-LTE Mode Band 42, 43 & 48

Built-in web server for web-based configuration

CBRS-certified and support for SAS or SAS DP

Supports VPN passthrough and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Adjustable tilt establishes the optimal angle for broader signal coverage

Compatible with all BLiNQ solutions and most eNodeBs

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