Customizable Coverage.
Optimal Connectivity.


Offer incredible connectivity where and when you need it in a variety of different beam settings


The first ever multi-sector strand-mounted solution, with 500 Mbps per cell


Stay in control and change beam trajectory quickly and easily


SC-300s is the strand-mounted solution built for cable providers. It connects directly on top of your existing wires for easy deployment. This software-controlled product can easily be configured and optimized from your computer to ensure efficient, powerful connectivity.

You can customize SC-300s for different use cases including Maximum Coverage, High User Density, or Maximization of Capacity per User. Focus straight down a street during rush hour, and switch to a widespread area for the evenings, offering reliable service at all times.

Cable provider internet connectivity solutions



500 Mbps capacity per cell

Comes in a low power and a high power model

Great capability to evolve and aggregate spectrum over entire bands

Best coverage and capacity in the market supporting integrated DOCSIS backhaul connectivity

Covers any morphology and customer density scenario by simple reconfiguration

Active Antenna System provides high EIRP, excellent RX gain and intelligent interference mitigation

Cable Strand-mount fixed Wireless provider

Use Case Configurations

SC-300s Cable Strand-Mounted Wireless 3 Cell Overlay
SC-300s Cable Strand-Mounted Wireless 2 Cell overlay
SC-300s Cable Strand-Mounted Wireless Solution OMNI Overlay
SC-300s Cable Strand-Mounted Wireless Canyon

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