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How a Kansas ISP swiftly
leveraged CBRS to connect a
rural community

Kansas ISP Velocity was able to deploy a CBRS network in three short months with the help of their partners, including BLiNQ. This case study explores:

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    Efficiency and reliability were key factors for delivering a broadband solution that would help a rural community during a pandemic.

    Relying on the 5 GHz unlicensed band for fixed wireless access presented some clear challenges in Greenwood County, Kansas. The hilly terrain and low-density population of the region made it difficult obtain good distance coverage, and quality non-line-of sight connectivity due to terrain blockage.

    By exploring the new opportunities available such as CBRS, CARES Act funding and alternative hardware, Velocity was able to bring connectivity to this rural region in record time.

    Learn how they did it.

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