What Is Beamforming Technology?

Beamforming technology is all about focusing a Wi-Fi signal in a specific direction. Extend the reach and accelerate the growth of high-speed broadband service by harnessing the power of beamforming technology.


Limited network capacity creates dead spots and prevents getting a reliable internet connection.

A traditional single antenna broadcasting radiates a wireless signal in all directions. That’s how electromagnetic waves work. But what happens when you focus that signal in a specific direction to create a targeted beam? One solution for doing this involves installing several antennas in close proximity, all broadcasting at slightly different times. However, doing so will sometimes result in overlapping waves that create destructive interference. It makes the signal weaker or undetectable.

what is beam forming technology and its applications
what is beam forming technology and what its use case


If executed correctly, beamforming technology can focus your signal where you want it to go.

Beamforming technology focuses a wireless signal towards a specific device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would. The result is a more direct connection that is faster and more reliable than it would be without beamforming.


Our mission is to bring broadband wireless expansion to rural areas.

BLiNQ’s FW-600m Massive MIMO antenna harnesses the power of beamforming and provides steady connectivity at a fraction of the price of the other MIMO solutions on the market. It provides quality LTE connectivity and makes sure your customers have constant speed and coverage.

The FW-600m is the perfect wireless network solution for rural internet coverage. Its ease of use and simplicity make it possible to provide LTE connectivity and start gaining subscribers immediately.

what is beam forming technology and how it benefits your wisp

Looking into the Future

With the rollout of wide-area 5G networks, we’ll be using beamforming behind the scenes every day. Here at BLiNQ, we are gearing to launch FW-600 Massive MIMO antenna soon. Contact us if you’re interested to participate in the trials.