Primary Responsibilities:
• Design LTE PHY/MAC layer algorithms
• Matlab and C bit accurate simulation of PHY/MAC layer algorithms
• Post-processing and analysis of debug data captured during modem tests
• Work with DSP developers to implement and debug PHY algorithms on SoC
• Experience with Smart Antennas, Digital and Analog Beamforming , interference cancellation
• Link budget analysis

• 3 years of wireless system design experience with a strong background in LTE technologies
• Strong understanding of Wireless Communications and wireless physical layer algorithms
• Beamforming and Smart Antenna Experience
• Coding experience in Matlab and C
• Exceptional analytical skills
• Ph.D. in electronics and/or signal processing ( or Master with 5+ experience in relevant fields)

About BLiNQ Networks
BLiNQ Networks is the wireless product design center for its parent company Communication
Components Inc. Products (CCI Products).

Communication Components Inc. is one of the fastest growing providers of base station enhancement products. Our innovative products are designed to allow service providers to get the most out of their base station investments. Whether capacity expansion or coverage enhancement is the objective, CCI has the appropriate solution to meet the need. With thousands of field-proven solutions in deployment, in PCS, Cellular and SMR environments, CCI brings expertise, technology, and reliability. CCI’s capacity expansion products will allow a base station to grow radio count without adding feeders and antennas, and with no loss of coverage. CCI creates turn-key solution from design assistance to site commissioning.