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About Us

Fixed Wireless Access and
Mobile Broadband Solutions

Who We Are

At BLiNQ, we strive for excellence.

We are motivated by the goal of getting people everywhere connected, through reliable 4G and 5G ready solutions.

We work side by side with our customers, adapting to a changing world and facing all challenges head on.

Our team is a diverse mix of talented professionals from all over the world, paving the way for innovative solutions to help people and communities everywhere get connected.

Our extensive portfolio of fixed wireless solutions range from high-capacity base stations and CPEs, to our auxiliary hardware and software used to ensure a robust network.

The simplicity of our solutions makes it easy to get a network up and running.

Our 4G and 5G solutions are accessible, affordable and easy to operate, offering high-performing seamless connectivity.

All our solutions are developed by our in-house team, and we are proud to design and produce our products in Canada and the US.

We imagine a future where connectivity has no limits. Where communication is seamless, instinctive and immediate. We strive toward a future where all people, communities, and industries can be connected.

Who is BLiNQ for?

BLiNQ Networks’ solutions are designed to cater to internet service providers and anyone looking to easily deploy a Private Network, with connectivity that meet the demands of today. Our custom 5G fixed wireless products are tailored to your most complex challenges, helping you build, expand, and optimize your networks.

Why use BLiNQ?

BLiNQ’s innovative technology is affordable and easy to deploy. Our FCC Part 96/ CBRS Certified fixed wireless broadband equipment include fully integrated, multi-sector LTE base stations and high gain CPEs.

With our full suite of 4G and 5G wireless solutions, you can build your own high-speed, reliable network, expand your deployment and fill in coverage gaps, and offer mobility services.

Your Network. Our Solutions.

Fixed Wireless 5G and LTE equipment manufacturers