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About BLiNQ

What is BLiNQ's solution for rural connectivity?

BLiNQ Networks designs fixed wireless systems for the rural & suburban environments, and we strongly believe that 3GPP LTE has the best performance characteristics for rural connectivity at cost effective prices.

Does BLiNQ have Support Ticketing?

We do! You can head to our Support page for access to the Knowledge Base, to community forums, and to submit support tickets. Account creation is 100% free.

Does BLiNQ supply only the base station, or fixed CPE devices?

We supply both. BLiNQ Networks has a wide portfolio of CPE devices for both fixed and mobile networks.

What spectrum does BLiNQ operate in?

BLiNQ Networks designs and manufactures equipment supporting LTE TDD bands 40/41/42/43/46 & 48, currently.

Does BLiNQ offer table top CPE's?

We are currently working to bring a Category 12, Indoor CPE to market.

Does BLiNQ have any CPE’s coming for mobile deployments in vehicles?

Not specifically, though as LTE is a well defined standard, it is expected that the ecosystem for CBRS certified products will be large.

Does BLiNQ do NBiOT?

Not at this time.

What is Beamforming?

Beamforming technology focuses a wireless signal towards a specific device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would. The result is a more direct connection that is faster and more reliable than it would be without beamforming. Learn more.

The Units

Does BLiNQ offer mobility-friendly units?

Since BLiNQ’s system is fully compliant with 3GPP standard LTE, mobility is native in all units.

Are there maintenance costs once the unit is deployed?

Yes. We have several maintenance packages that are recommended to help, with premium technical support and extended warranty.

How do the units get their frequencies?

In CBRS, a Spectrum Allocation Service (SAS) assigns frequencies based upon the request from the operator.

For non-CBRS deployments, frequencies are assigned by the operator.

Do the units do LTE BTS’s?

Yes, our FW-300i, X-300i, SC-300s and FW-600 are all full LTE base stations meeting 3GPP Release 13 standards.

Can your solution work in NLOs environment?

LTE has great receiver sensitivity, and thus is extremely well suited to a NLOS deployment scenario. We have several customers using our equipment in NLOS deployments up to and beyond 5 miles.

Is there a GPON model of the SC-300s or is it only docsis ? Is it compatible with band 5 ?

Currently we only offer DOCSIS, since we draw both power & data from the HFC plant. A GPON solution would require an external power supply as well.

As of now, we only do Band 42 / 43, 46 & 48. All of our products are TDD only. We don’t support any FDD bands.

Where can I find spec sheets for the units?

You can download a full spec sheet for all of our units on the Brochures page.

The FW-300i

How does coverage work with the FW-300i?

Each system has 3 sectors, so you can deploy units at street corners or on the sides of buildings to provide good coverage.

How much does an FW-300i cost?

We have several paths through which you can purchase an FW-300i system.  We have several distributors available in the US & Canada, as well as a direct sales force that is working with customers around the globe. 

Contacting us through our Contact Form or Chat system is the fastest way to get in touch.

Is it possible to add a BBU / RRU onto the FW-300i?

The FW-300i is a fully integrated solution, so the Baseband Unit & Radio Units are fully integrated into the system. It is not designed to work with external Baseband units at this time.

How to upgrade FW-300i to the latest software release?

  1. Sign up to our support portal
  2. Navigate to our knowledge base and find the article “How to upgrade the FW300i to the latest software release?” under BLiNQ Networks > FW-300i > Software

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