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TORONTO, September 25, 2023 – BLiNQ Networks has partnered with EdgeQ in a powerful hardware and software collaboration to launch the PCW-400i, their advanced 5G small cell base station.

BLiNQ’s PCW-400i is the first integrated 5G & Wi-Fi platform designed to enable new Industry 4.0 use cases in a very cost-effective way.

“The flexibility and scalability of EdgeQ’s SOC are the perfect fit for our strategy,” says Radu Selea, Chief Technology Officer at BLiNQ Networks. “EdgeQ’s SOC provides a solid foundation of processing performance and power efficiency that allows the PCW-400i to bring enterprises and SMB’s an affordable, unified 5GNR and Wi-Fi solution for their Private Networks.”

“Our collaboration with BLiNQ introduces a new class of 5G NR Wireless network edge products in a compact form factor that flexibly adapts to all kinds of applications from public venues, industrial spaces, warehousing, schools, retail spaces, and office deployments,” says Adil Kidwai, Vice President of Product Management at EdgeQ.

“With BLiNQ, we are raising the industry standard for an all-in-one 5G integrated small cell. No solution today can deliver 3+ Gbps user throughput, with uncompromising support for multi-carrier aggregation across a wide base of 256+ active users, at an unprecedented power profile of less than 15W. We have simplified 5G to a simple construct ideal for customers looking to deploy a cable-less constellation of private and public 5G networks. We look forward to being part of this exciting journey together.”

“As an OnGo partner, we’re excited to see BLiNQ’s first 5G offering that supports CBRS in action at MWC in Las Vegas,” says Alan Ewing, Executive Director at OnGo Alliance. “We are seeing increased interest in these solutions across multiple verticals, and the PCW-400i is well positioned to advance the adoption of 5G private networks.”

The PCW-400i will be available early 2024 and will be demonstrated live at MWC Americas, delivering 1Gbps+ of 5G traffic in the OnGo Pavilion on September 26-28.


BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multiband wireless broadband solutions, building the technology to provide essential internet connectivity all over the world. BLiNQ provides industry-leading price and performance in LTE and 5G-deployable solutions, driven by a talented team based in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit


Our vision is to democratize 5G in an open paradigm, where customers can access, customize, and deploy 5G purely through software. Our mission is to accelerate cloud migration to the closest point of the edge where all data processing and connectivity occurs. For additional information, visit

Originally published on PR Newswire