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TORONTO, October 17, 2022 – XNET, a new Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) provider and operator and BLiNQ Networks, a pioneer manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multiband wireless broadband solutions, have partnered to bring true mobile wireless connectivity to customers and businesses using blockchain technology and the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

XNET’s DeWi model is remarkably different from others in the space, bringing full-service carrier features like voice, SMS, e911 and data rather than focusing primarily on data connectivity. XNET will act as a neutral-host operator with notable roaming capability so that customers can connect or roam onto the XNET network with any CBRS compatible device. BLiNQ’s FW-300i and X-300i CBRS radio units are perfectly geared for leveraging decentralized wireless networks due to their ease of deployment, form factor, incredible network capacity and accessibility to both enterprise and consumer markets. The FW-300i can be mounted on very high buildings and towers to provide connectivity and add to a network in all urban, suburban and remote areas which is imperative in helping one of  XNET’s core values of serving under-connected and underserved communities become reality.

“We are excited to be a part of this endeavor to leverage decentralized wireless networks, because we believe that the technology we have today should be serving all communities,” says Patrick Buthmann, VP of Sales and Business Development at BLiNQ Networks. “The growth of decentralized networks paves the way for the future of connectivity as it promises more affordable access for all. The crypto rewards are an added bonus, as a result of contributing to and owning a part of a network.”

XNET will provide a full-service voice and data network, enabling modern 4G and 5G wireless networks using CBRS and any other available radio spectrum. The decentralized networks are powered by a community of individuals and businesses who will own and operate XNET’s wireless network infrastructure in return for crypto rewards.

“The future is decentralized 5G, the future is connectivity for all — the future is XNET. We are proud to partner with BLiNQ to bring connectivity and a revenue-generating opportunity to individuals and small businesses — initially deploying in select markets across the US, and eventually everywhere.” says Tom Beirith, Co-Founder of XNET Inc.

Unlike traditional wireless networks that are dependent on wireless spectrum licenses and lots of expensive infrastructure like Radio Access Network (RAN) assets, XNET will not own any spectrum and only very little physical network infrastructure.

The recent rise of blockchain technology has enabled a new class of decentralized applications, including decentralized communications networks and Web3 concepts. Together, BLiNQ Networks and XNET will leverage decentralized networks in order to provide high levels of performance, ease of scalability, and robust security, while enabling the rise of the crypto economy that allows for new forms of incentives, value exchange, and social/technical organization.


BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer manufacturer of CBRS-ready and multiband wireless broadband solutions, building the technology to provide essential internet connectivity all over the world. BLiNQ provides industry-leading price and performance in LTE and 5G-ready solutions, driven by a talented team based in Ontario, Canada. For more information visit


XNET is dedicated to providing wireless connectivity and economic opportunity to everyone through the world’s first blockchain-powered true mobile carrier.