5G Solutions

Purpose built for Outdoor Coverage and Seamless Mobility

BLiNQ’s 5G high-capacity, zero-touch, self-configurable wireless solutions are accessible, because they can operate over free shared spectrum. The distributed architecture makes it affordable due to the low cost model for any size network, in an industry where CAPEX is a traditional barrier. The solutions are easy to operate using a cloud-based single pane management system with functions that can be selectively used by customers as they go.


Designed to decrease latency, the RU-200i optimizes deployment options for specific performance requirements at a lower cost. This simple dual-band integrated antenna solution is easy to deploy, providing reliable 5G RU coverage to anyone, anywhere.


Blending seamlessly into its surroundings, the SC-200i provides a cost effective 360-degree coverage with exceptional performance in Reuse-1 scenerios. The SC-200i supports both LTE and 5GNR simultaneously, making it the ideal solution for a small footprint, high performing network.

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