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TORONTO, February 20, 2023 Originally published in PR Newswire

BLiNQ Networks is highlighting the capabilities of their 5G + Wi-fi solution during a live demonstration of the PCW-400i at MWC in Barcelona. This integrated platform using EdgeQ’s SoC is utilizing the 3.3-4.2GHz frequency band spectrum and Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 6GHz spectrum for the live demonstration.

The PCW-400i is the first of its kind on the market, harnessing simultaneous 5G and Wi-Fi spectrum which enables frequency redundancy and interference mitigation. This fully integrated small cell operates in bands n48, n77 and n78 along with the three bands from the Wi-Fi 7 standard. “Not only does the PCW-400i provide incredible capacity, it also incorporates BLiNQ’s enterprise-level management suite and zero-touch provisioning, making it easy to install and operate in any size organization,” says Pete Vavra, VP of Sales at BLiNQ. “The product was designed with scalability and ease of deployment in mind without taking the focus away from performance.”

The combined efforts of BLiNQ and EdgeQ have resulted in a powerful product for enterprise customers who are looking for a solution that is scalable with an accessible entry point.

“Our collaboration with BLiNQ is about massively converging two major wireless protocols into a single platform that give customers flexibility and freedom of choice. This is a phenomenal achievement delivering state-of-the art 5GNR and Wi-Fi 7 in a sleek, compact form factor that can elastically scale with connection density and capacity demands while maintaining breakthrough unit economics at unprecedented low power,” says Ziyao Xu, Director of Product Management at EdgeQ. “This will compel the market with novel use cases for enterprise, private networks, and home.”

Meet the BLiNQ team at the Canadian Pavilion in Hall 7 Stand 7G61 or the EdgeQ meeting room in Hall 2 Stand 2A49MR, to schedule a live demonstration of the PCW-400i.


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