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CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) is a ground-breaking network technology that has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years. Many multi dwelling units are making the switch to CBRS for a superior wireless experience. CBRS operates in the 3.5 GHz band and uses a combination of licensed and unlicensed spectrum to provide wireless connectivity. Prior to CBRS, LTE and 5G were only available to cellular carriers. CBRS provides users with greater accessibility to quality networks and is a high-speed, reliable, and stable connectivity solution. Plus, the installation process is convenient and non-invasive – no digging or wires necessary!

In recent years, several commercial, residential and institutional buildings are turning towards CBRS technology for exceptional bandwidth and advanced connectivity. Community spaces such as corporate and institutional campuses, universities, RV parks, boat marinas, are among the MDUs investing in CBRS for a superior network solution.

The quality of connection can be a defining factor for those who count on a flawless network for their online needs. Factors such as uptime and high-speed performance are critical for most occupants. Whether it’s for work, school, communication or leisure, a reliable connection is imperative. CBRS provides property owners and managers with a connection that overcomes line-of-sight barriers and accommodates high-density usage.

CBRS Coverage for All Communities

CBRS provides remote and urban areas with the opportunity to bring connectivity to their community. As an affordable and accessible alternative to fibre, DSL and cable, CBRS is the most sustainable solution for communities with poor connections or ones that are unconnected altogether. While remote areas may have previously suffered due to poor signals, Wi-Fi-calling and CBRS combined create a strong, uninterrupted LTE connection that never drops. In addition, a CBRS connection improves latency and allows for hundreds of simultaneous users in a multi dwelling unit without straining the connection.

Better Connectivity, Affordable, Dependable

Corporate and Institutional Campuses

CBRS has long been the favoured choice for campuses housing training teams for national defense agencies. This is because it better fits their connectivity needs – allows for device mobility, improved outdoor coverage, and passes through potential obstructions seamlessly. CBRS offers more range and capacity than traditional public or Wi-Fi networks. It also provides superior internet uptime and delay resiliency to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Alongside national defense agencies, this is a crucial factor for businesses and corporate campuses too. However, among the biggest concerns these organizations face are matters of privacy, security and protection. Luckily, data and network security are both protected under CBRS.



With the rise of technology and the unforeseen impact of the pandemic, many universities have made the transition to an online learning environment. The digitization of education means that many students are studying remotely. This also means they require a dependable internet connection to ensure academic success. Supplying students and teachers with a private LTE network over a basic Wi-Fi connection has many benefits. From superior security infrastructure to protection from malware, it is the leading solution to off-campus learning. CBRS is also an unrivaled connectivity solution for on-campus learning. With a CBRS solution, universities may benefit from:

  • Improved staff communication
  • Improved campus security services
  • Better performance from learning management systems
  • Improved facilities
  • Improved smart classroom technology
  • Greater accessibility for low-income students


RV Parks

To this day, many RV parks remain unconnected. As popular spots for summertime campers and seasonal mobile homes, quality network access is an attractive feature. Many vacationers experience little to no internet signal reception in the great outdoors, so having a way to connect is a transformative amenity. Fibre expansions in rural areas can be costly, whereas CBRS is the best, cost-effective option for outdoor blanket coverage. In our technology-driven society, people want to stay connected no matter where they are. Plus, investing in a CBRS network for your RV park or campgrounds offers a promotional incentive. Providing tourists and RV park residents with a sustainable connection allows them to share their experience on social media platforms, meaning free publicity!


Boat Marinas

For many, vacation does not necessarily allow for a clean break from work. As a result, a quality network connection is an essential amenity. Ascertaining a secure, stable, and reliable connection for guests will not only improve their overall experience, but also entice new customers. Most importantly, widespread network access will place your marina in a league of its own. As a marina operator, below are some essential factors to consider when choosing the location of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) equipment and the number of WAPs (Wireless Access Points):

  • Placement should ensure a widespread coverage footprint. Consider obstacles such as building materials that may interfere with the signal. Also determine the extent of coverage – will your marina feature hotspots or LTE/5G access anywhere?
  • Consider user capacity. The more users, the higher your bandwidth should be. Also consider IP surveillance systems – these systems and high-resolution cameras draw from your bandwidth. The more bandwidth available, the greater the network performance.

CBRS Deployment for MDUs – A Handy Checklist

  • Establish which route you need to take to be eligible for CBRS – PAL (licensed) or GAA (unlicensed).
  • Use a spectrum analyzer tool to determine target area.
  • Choose a SAS provider to assure network success.
  • Install a CBRS compliant RAN (Radio Access Network).

Depending on whether it is a greenfield deployment or brownfield deployment, you may need to take on additional steps. While brownfield CBRS deployment is an upgrade to existing infrastructure, greenfield CBRS deployment installs new infrastructure to MDU’s with no pre-existing infrastructure. To clarify, ‘infrastructure’ in this context simply refers to technological equipment. If it is a greenfield deployment, you will need an EPC (Evolved Packet Core), an integrator, and a hosting service for quality assurance and management.

Advantages of MDU Connectivity Solutions – Powered by BLiNQ Networks 

Overall, CBRS is a useful solution for multi dwelling units because it offers an alternative to traditional broadband providers and can provide fast and reliable internet access to occupants. It is a connectivity solution that gives property owners and operators the ability to manage and customize the network to meet their specific needs. While the advantages of CBRS are numerous, some key and compelling reasons to choose it for your MDU include:

  • Carrier-grade network access
  • Can help reduce the costs associated with providing internet access
  • Allows property managers and owners to set up and manage their own private wireless networks within their buildings
  • Provides more flexibility and control over the network
  • Allows users access to premium spectrum meaning better security, high performance, and an extensive coverage footprint
  • Secure connection, high-speed internet, and network stability

BLiNQ Networks stands ready to help your multi dwelling unit navigate, integrate, and implement the best CBRS fixed wireless solutions. As a proud member of the CBRS Alliance, our OnGo-certified base stations and CPE can be customized to fit your exact specifications. Contact our sales team today for more information.



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