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Dual Band

Cognitive radio technology that
optimizes spectrum resources

Self-transitions from CBRS to LAA based on real-time interference monitoring

Achieves higher peak data rates through carrier aggregation

Patented Smart Antenna System and intelligent scheduling

LTE Base Station and WISP Equipment Solution
Dual Band
FW-300i LAA

Easy to deploy and future-proofs non-licensed spectrum holders.


  • All-In-One’ Fully Integrated Solution
  • Features Self Channel Assignment
  • CBRS Category B Certified
  • Supports all LTE TDD Configurations
  • Supports Carrier Aggregation
  • 60° Azimuth Coverage
  • Features Standard 2×2 MIMO Configurations
  • Network Management: WebUI, CLI. TR-069 and EMS
Dual Band
FW-600 LAA

Offers high capacity through the use of intelligent beamforming.


  • Up to 6 Carriers (CC) per unit in DL and 4CC in UL across B48 and B46
  • Carriers can be split in multiple configurations across B48 and B46 eg. 3 CC B48 + 3 CC B46 or 4 CC B48 + 2 CC B46
  • Carrier aggregation is supported in both contiguous and non-contiguous fashion covering entire band without IBW window restrictions.


  • Delivers close to 1 Gbps Aggregate Throughput per eNodeB
  • CBRS Category B certified
  • Supports multiple TDD profiles, including TDD Configs 1-7 & 2-7
  • Carrier Aggregation can be accomplished using different simultaneous channel sizes, including across multiple sectors
  • Supports modulations of 256 QAM* in Downlink and 64 QAM in Uplink
  • When paired with BLiNQ’s dual band multi-beam antenna, provides system capacity of 2.65 Gbps
Dual Band

BLiNQ’s FWC-133-3550 HE Outdoor CPE is a Category 12/13 Outdoor CPE that supports BLiNQ’s FW-300i, FW-600 and X-300i solutions. It has a built-in high gain directional antenna, allowing to expand LTE signal coverage.


  • Supports TDD-LTE Mode Band 42/43/48 & 46 *
  • Supports 3GPP Release 12
  • Supports up to UE LTE Category 12/13/15 PHY Rate **
  • Supports 4×4 MIMO with 40 MHz CA
  • Supports DL 256QAM with DL 2×2 MIMO only
  • Supports UL 2Tx (CDD / UL_MIMO/ UL_CA)
  • Physical 2Tx & 4Rx in RF Front End
  • GPS for location (optional HW & SW ; not in default package )
  • Supports 1.8V and 3V SIM and USIM Card for LTE Mode
  • Supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Built-in web server for web-based configuration
  • Password protected access and configuration
  • Supports IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab (10/100/1000 Mbps )
  • Support Power over Ethernet of Outdoor WAN port {802.3 af}
  • Supports VPN pass-through
  • IP65 Environmental Proof

* B46 supports UNII-1 & 3

** TDD Cat 12/13 with 4×4 + 40MHz carrier aggregation peak throughput is around 440Mbps for Downlink @ TDD Config 2 SSF 7 & UL CA + 64QAM is around 30Mbps for Uplink

** TDD Cat 15 with2x2 + 80MHz carrier aggregation +256QAM peak throughput is 500 Mbps+ for Downlink @ TDD Config 2 SSF 7 & UL CA + 64QAM is around 30Mbps for Uplink

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