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Bringing Connectivity Where It’s Missing

Deploy the connectivity you need at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or fiber infrastructure with fixed wireless internet equipment.

fixed wireless access use cases and applications

Fixed Wireless Access is a competitive connectivity alternative to fixed-line DSL, cable and fiber across all markets. It’s faster, more reliable, and can be deployed quickly and affordably in areas that are underserved or too difficult to reach with traditional broadband.

In a fixed wireless point-to-multipoint (PMP) radio system, the base station is the main point in the networks that receives and transmits to multiple remote fixed end user equipment. This eliminates the difficulty, expense, and impracticality of digging and deploying underground fiber cable.

It’s a reliable technology that provides the highest throughput at the lowest total cost, with peak rates that few fixed technologies are able to match. 


Connectivity that can be tailored
for any application

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Rural Coverage

Industry-leading connectivity solutions to bring affordable, reliable internet where it’s missing

Deploying fixed wireless solutions is especially important in remote and rural communities, where network coverage by major telcos is scarce. 

In such cases, local and independent service providers, also known as Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) create and manage networks with up to thousands of subscribers. Wireless broadband service providers around the world offer affordable, reliable internet connectivity to business and residential customers in their areas.

Rapidly deploy high-capacity, affordable broadband networks with BLiNQ’s wireless solutions.

Benefits of Using Fixed Wireless Equipment for WISPs

Cost-efficient and Profitable

Easy to Install and Maintain

Reliable and Secure

Fixed Wireless Rural WISP Solutions

Telcos and Urban Expansion

Network expansion with cost-efficient wireless solutions and robust coverage

Fixed Wireless Access helps service providers expand and optimize their networks in urban and densely populated areas. 

Mobile operators often experience challenges during building and operating networks in urban hotspot locations, such as commercial business districts or malls such as high deployment costs, logistical difficulties, and high burst rate of real-time services.

Provide consistently reliable end-user broadband experiences with our 5G-ready equipment.

Benefits of Using Fixed Wireless Equipment for Urban Mobile Operators

Bridge connectivity gaps

Increase network capacity

Reduce complexity of installation

Fixed Wireless mobile operators and urban expansion


World-class, scalable connectivity to bring a vast world of knowledge to schools and universities

From small elementary classrooms to post-secondary lecture halls to virtual learning, Wi-Fi solutions in schools and higher education campuses are more in demand now than ever before. 

Deploying fixed wireless networks in educational institutions enables classroom teachers and higher education professors to maximize learning opportunities for students. Students can take part in e-learning and benefit from innovative educational content such as interactive videos and Augmented Reality (AR). Wireless connectivity also enables seamless communication between different satellite campuses and departments to improve institutional operations.

Meet the connectivity needs of modern academic institutions with BLiNQ’s 4G LTE products.

Benefits of Using Fixed Wireless Equipment for Education

Innovate in teaching methods and educational content

Accommodate diverse learning styles and e-learning

Facilitate communication between staff, faculty, and students

Fixed Wireless Education and e-learning Solutions


Fool-proof network accessibility from almost anywhere for mission critical applications


Developing, deploying, and managing a reliable wireless network can be a matter of life or death in the healthcare industry. Networks in the medical field need to be mobile, full-coverage, high-capacity, and run round-the-clock.

The fast-paced nature of healthcare facilities means they need urgent, reliable coverage everywhere. Wireless networks need to remain up and running seamlessly at all times, since healthcare facilities cannot just shut down to perform maintenance on network access points.

Build high-performing agile, and resilient networks for your hospital team with BLiNQ Networks.

Benefits of Using Fixed Wireless Equipment for Healthcare

Improve clinical efficiency

Enhance quality of patient care

Reduce hospital expenses

Fixed wireless healthcare network solutions

Your Network. Our Solutions.

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