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What is DeWi?

Decentralized Wireless “DeWi” blockchain-powered networks aim to revolutionize the way communication networks are deployed, owned, and operated by incentivizing operators around the world to deploy and maintain telecom hardware in exchange for token rewards.

Why DeWi Now?

Until recently, the mobile connectivity market was an exclusive domain tightly controlled by a small number of large telecom companies. The barriers to entry, especially in large markets like the U.S, were extremely high, due to very high spectrum licensing and infrastructure deployment costs. These barriers made it nearly impossible for new entrants to succeed, even as legacy Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) spend billions of dollars annually on supporting and upgrading their existing network infrastructure.

The Problem

As demand for fast and reliable 5G connectivity is rapidly accelerating, MNOs are struggling to keep up with the demand. Traditional mobile wireless networks, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, etc., are highly centralized. These networks were designed and deployed at a time when such centralization was the only viable technical path. Centralization provides conceptual simplicity but also makes scaling such networks a costly challenge for providers. 

More importantly, centralized networks provide few mechanisms for users to improve the quality and coverage of their service, short of switching to another network provider or investing in costly signal boosting equipment. In fact, subscriber churn due to coverage issues is a big challenge for the mobile operators, with over one million people changing their mobile carriers every month for that exact reason. Decentralized Wireless “DeWi” blockchain-powered networks aim to revolutionize the way communication networks are deployed, owned, and operated around the world.


BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer manufacturer of multiband wireless broadband technology to provide essential internet connectivity all over the world. BLiNQ provides industry-leading price and performance in LTE and 5G-ready solutions, driven by a talented team based in Toronto, Canada. 

BLiNQ’s technology is 100% designed in-house, and the teams operate in a lean and agile fashion when it comes to product development and customer support. All product fulfillment is managed by CCI, BLiNQ’s parent company headquartered in New Jersey, USA, while research and development facilities are in Ottawa and Markham, Ontario.

BLiNQ Networks holds over 20 patents related to advanced wireless technologies, beamforming and interference management with an ever-growing portfolio of LTE and 5G wireless solutions for every market.

Your Network. Our Solution.

Join the (R)evolution!

The success of DeWi networks depends on access to advanced LTE and 5G technology. BLiNQ Networks is committed to designing, developing, and innovating advanced 4G/5G technology to support this uniquely disruptive opportunity and the success of the DeWi community.

BLiNQ Networks solutions offer outstanding cost, coverage, and capacity economics allowing for maximum potential earnings and ROI – in other words “the best bang for the buck”.

With our simple Plug and Play solutions, you will be up and running in no time! 

Unique Technology Offering

The evolution into small cell solutions which utilized active antenna systems launched the FW-300i, the industry’s first fully integrated, 3-sector small cell for CBRS and Band 42/43.

Our Partners

By incentivizing individuals, businesses, and broadband operators to deploy and maintain telecom hardware in exchange for crypto rewards, the traditional Telecom Business Model as we know it is open for disruption. Many early adopters of the blockchain-powered wireless network movement are helping build Decentralized Wireless networks that lower costs, improve service, and close the digital divide for millions of people in the US and around the world. Our DeWi Network Partners offer a variety of opportunities participate in the Decentral ecosystem 

XNET MOBILE aims to solve the problem that millions of people have with cellular plans- networks are still expensive and struggle to solve issues with capacity and coverage gaps. 

XNET is building a next generation national mobile network founded on the intersection of standard cellular network and blockchain technology.

XNET’s fast, reliable and secure cellular service is being deployed by a dedicated community of node operators who receive crypto mining rewards and free mobile service in exchange for filling in coverage gaps and expanding existing network capacity.

Now you can add mobile coverage and capacity through Roofus Maximus to your own network to better serve your community and get compensated. The more subscribers that connect to XNET, the more you earn.

Pollen is a privacy focused, anonymous, decentralized, high speed, open source, data-only wireless mobile network powered by blockchain, owned and operated by its user community. 

Pollen is simple. You expand network coverage through a Flower, which is validated by Bumblebees and Honeybees, and you connect to the network as a Honeybee or Hummingbird with an eSIM– each of which earns you PollenCoin. 

The BLiNQ Bouquet. 

Expand Pollen network coverage and Maximize your PollenCoin ($PCN) earnings potential by deploying BLiNQ Moonflowers, Sunflowers, and Stargazer Lilly’s. The most powerful flowers in the Pollen eco system providing the maximum outdoor/indoor coverage and capacity for the price.

Karrier One believes that consumers worldwide should be able to access higher-quality services and pay lower mobile access tariffs based on fair pricing principles.

They aim to achieve this by creating a network that is community-owned and therefore operates without the heavy premiums often associated with traditional telecommunications companies.

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Fixed Wireless 5G and LTE equipment manufacturers