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Premium Performance.
Robust Networks.


Quality coverage at 1/3 the price of the closest competitor


With 3x the capacity, enter new markets and gain subscribers


The solution in a box that fits any LTE deployment


FW-300i is a sleek, complete connectivity solution. It’s compact, fully integrated, easy to set up, and fits anywhere. Whether you want to expand your network to remote communities or to busy urban intersections, this OnGo Certified product helps you bring LTE connectivity to anyone, anywhere.

Instead of multiple units and a mess of wires, simply place the FW-300i on the side of a building or water tower, and you’ll have a robust, reliable network within your budget.



Brings massive capacity and LTE speeds together

Lowers installation time and operational cost by up to 6x

Compatible with any LTE CPE on the market

Integrated antennas for a "cell-in-a-box" solution

Outperforms competitors in cellular frequency reuse

Delivers the best cost per gigabit in the industry

Use Case Configurations

LTE Base Station Equipment with 3 CC overlay
LTE Base Station with 3 carrier overlay

Frequently Asked Questions

Each system has 3 sectors, so you can deploy units at street corners or on the sides of buildings to provide good coverage.

We have several paths through which you can purchase an FW-300i system.  We have several distributors available in the US & Canada, as well as a direct sales team that is working with customers around the globe. 

Contacting us through our Contact Form or chat system is the fastest way to get in touch.

The FW-300i is a fully integrated solution, so the Baseband Unit & Radio Units are fully integrated into the system. It is not designed to work with external baseband units at this time.

1. Sign up to our support portal.
2. Navigate to our knowledge base and find the guide under FW-300i > Software.

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