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Webinars on demand

Watch our past webinars to learn more about the many use cases of Fixed Wireless Access, Private LTE and CBRS.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 – 2PM EST

Bringing Private LTE to ​Electric Utilities​ and Co-ops

BLiNQ Networks and PCS Technologies bring their expertise to the table, delivering a webinar that addresses some of the most pressing issues around Private LTE for Electric Utilities and Co-ops.
APRIL 20, 2021 – 2PM EST

Key use cases for Private
LTE in 2021 and beyond

In this webinar we take you through 5 key use cases where BLiNQ Networks excels, including connectivity for emergency response, education, utilities, tribal reservations and mobile home parks.

MARCH 25, 2021 – 2PM EST

How can Tribes utilize the
2.5 GHz spectrum for
essential broadband

How to get Tribal communities robust and reliable internet connection, with a turnkey solution.

MARCH 9, 2021 – 2PM EST

What’s next for CBRS?

In this webinar, delivered in partnership with Federated Wireless, we provide an update on the state of the market, and to gain insight on what 2021 will bring. Watch a live demo of how to easily connect the CBSD to the SAS.

NOVEMBER 18, 2020 – 2PM EST

CBRS Solutions – Wireless
Broadband done right

This webinar co-hosted with our partner ADTRAN provides an overview of CBRS and the CBRS-ready solutions that BLiNQ offers.

September 30, 2020 – 2:00PM EST

Private LTE for Education:
Improving Campus Connectivity

Across the United States, students in rural school districts are faced with barriers when it comes to internet connectivity. In this webinar, we discuss why BLiNQ offers the ideal Private LTE solution on campuses.

August 27, 2020 – 10:00AM EST

An All-In-One FWA + SAS

Learn how BLiNQ’s hybrid technologies designed for fixed wireless access and Amdocs’ SpectrumONE SAS service will be a powerful collaboration to create a bundle suited to your needs.

August 11, 2020 – 2:00PM EST

A Private LTE Network as a
Business Solution

In this webinar we delve into what a Private LTE network can offer, how BLiNQ makes LTE easier & better, and BLiNQ’s portfolio of CBRS-Certified LTE devices, particularly as a non-line-of-site alternative.

JULY 14, 2020 – 2:00PM EST

How to Transition Smoothly
to CBRS and LTE

Watch this webinar to learn more about how the current state of CBRS and how BLiNQ makes LTE easier and better. We also review our portfolio of CBRS-Certified LTE devices.

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