A Small Cell Urban Wireless Dynamic LTE supporting Point to Multipoint PMP Internet

Coverage Where It's Needed, For a Seamless 5G Experience


The perfect solution for inside-out and outside-in coverage deployment

Offer Better LTE Coverage Today

The Urban Wireless Solution for Dynamic Coverage


Quality coverage at the lowest price on the market


Covers up to 360° of azimuth. 500 Mbps of throughput, distributed where it's needed


The best choice for inside-out and outside-in coverage deployment

Cost Efficient LTE Coverage

Designed in response to today’s broadband connectivity needs, the X-300i Small Cell provides the most cost-efficient LTE Coverage.

Whether you’re covering a busy intersection or a sold-out arena, the X-300i offers the right capacity at the right price. Dynamic capacity switching puts you in control of your coverage, so you can target distribution exactly where it’s required. 

The X-300i can be mounted indoors (on a ceiling or table) or outdoors (on a pedestal, pole, or street  furniture). It covers 360° of azimuth, powered by an integrated adaptive antenna system of 3 x 90° sectors.


Demand Driven Capacity

Create a smooth 5G experience with the X-300i. Handle the connectivity needs of dense urban centres with our most cost-efficient wireless solution. Provide LTE speeds for up to 1 km and accommodate top tier connectivity in your targeted indoor venues. Offer increased, faster coverage and connectivity with the X-300i.



Combines high baseband capability with AAS concepts to provide a true SDR solution

Indoor X-300i – Horizontal or Ceiling Mount

Outdoor X-300i – Light post or Roof mount

500 Mbps Aggregate Capacity

Dynamic Capacity Switching (500Mbps of Throughput distributed where needed, when needed)

Illuminate Inside-Out or Outside-In (Covering up to 1km along street and indoor venue)