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It’s no secret that the world of IoT and connected devices is quickly expanding: by 2025, the total worth of IoT technology is estimated to be $6.2 trillion. Right now, only 0.06% of devices that could leverage IoT are actively doing so.

Meaning there’s a 99.4% hole in the market.

While you’ve definitely heard of smart watches and in-home IoT, let’s check out some of the best and underrated IoT devices that might not have made the headline.

Garbage IoT

When you picture a ‘Smart City’, you probably see pristine skylines with weather tracking and local traffic mapping.  Sadly, these paradigms of efficient, futuristic beauty can’t all be roses.

Fortunately, someone’s looking out for our garbage.

Compology has created the IoT dumpster cam, for efficient monitoring of waste. On the surface it looks like a durable camera that watches your dumpster fill. While this is true, the implications are astounding.

With well-monitored dumpsters you can optimize hauling routes, ensuring that garbage trucks don’t waste time and fuel visiting half-full bins. The software charts an efficient route, effectively lowering ratepayer dollars and gas consumption. The API also delivers information about all of your dumpsters, showing you who’s using them, where they’re located, and how long they’ve been there. The camera also verifies service, to ensure that you know what’s going on with your industrial trash.

With quality reporting and complete transparency, Compology is redefining the way we think about waste. They are improving efficiency in the less desirable (but necessary) aspects of Smart Cities.

Your Lawn, Only

Products like Amazon’s Echo and Nest create a smart home that responds to your every need, and it’s a wonderful future we live in… when we’re inside.

I know what you’re thinking: What about my lawn?

Rachio’s IoT sprinkler system is a replacement for just your controller, so you don’t have to rip up the ground and resod. It takes a half hour to set up, and is fully customizable. With hyper-local weather Rachio provides optimal watering conditions for your flora.

Zone control and plant-specific settings allow for different watering for hedges, flowers, and grass. The IoT system also offers in-depth monitoring, modeling, and analytics for those who wish to delve, covering and explaining your usage.

Of course there’s an automatic leak detection that alerts you immediately.

It’s 2019. Time to optimize your lawn.

Fight Fire with IoT

IoT devices allow us to get a better picture of the world around us, which can be especially useful in emergency situations.

LesDozor has created an IoT system for forest fire monitoring and detection, to keep better track of warning signs and reduce response time. The automated monitoring process begins with small sensors mounted on any high tower in the region (TV towers, cell towers, fire lookouts), feeding data to a centralized facility.

The cameras used infrared imagers to capture ranges of up to 35km. If the server detects a fire it alerts to system and determines the area and stage of the fire. The data is quickly analyzed and automatically sent to specialty departments for faster dispatch.

The accuracy of the sensors is to within 250m,  and the sensors also take in weather and satellite info. This keeps personnel aware of looming issues. As well, mobile alerts are sent to your phone or smart watch with continuous updates on dangerous objects like smoke and flames. Pretty handy if the smoke’s blocking your vision.

The combination of the low cost of installation and incredible flexibility of the system make it an ideal solution to the growing problem of forest fires worldwide.

IoT, IoT, on the Wall does exactly what it sounds like, while changing the way you see yourself.

When it’s turned off, it’s just a beautiful, full length mirror.

But when the mirror is turned on it becomes a home gym, bringing live studio classes directly to your home. You can sign into live yoga, boxing, and cardio routines. There are 50 new workouts added every week to a growing library you can access any time.

Biometric physical data can be shown on the screen as your workout syncs with you heart rate and goals, creating a fully optimized and incredibly personal routine.

The Connect World

In the evolving world of IoT it’s essential to ensure your connectivity solutions are up to date. As 5G solutions roll in, more and more devices are going to be able to make use of their sensors to create a coherent world. At BLiNQ, our focus is on connectivity for anyone, anywhere.

The evolution of IoT is an exciting opportunity to show what our products can really do.

Thinking about expanding your IoT catalog? Let us help find the right connectivity solution for you.

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