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Build Networks That Push Boundaries


Easily out-perform or match mMIMO solutions in capacity.


Take peak speed, throughput and spectral efficiency to new horizons.


Configure and customize your deployment based on your needs.

Ultra-High Capacity. Versatile Deployments. 

FW-600 is a powerful, customizable connectivity solution. This compact macro cell is a high capacity, all integrated multicarrier LTE base station system designed to meet today’s high-traffic broadband connectivity needs in dense suburban markets.

Available in 4G LTE (Band 41) and CBRS (Band 42, 43, 48) architectures, FW-600 integrates first-rate beamforming hybrid technologies designed for FWA use cases. It’s built to meet the demands of data hotspots and high-traffic areas, where video conferencing, social media and other high-demand applications are essential.



Compact Macro Cell with 4 sectors x 3-9 beams

Delivers average 1.5 Gbps – 6 Gbps per site

Operates in Bands 42, 43, 48 (CBRS) and in LTE Band 41

Up to 60 MHz bandwidth in contiguous or noncontiguous aggregation

Outperforms or matches mMIMO competitors in cellular frequency reuse

Carrier aggregation in the entire 3.5 GHz band, perfect for In-Building Wireless (IBW)

MBA3F-E3A: Three-beam Special Events Antenna

Push your network’s performance to the next level with this CCI Multibeam Antenna. MBA3F-H3A contains three independent LTE optimized beams with 2×2 MIMO capability. Connect to your FW-600 base units for maximum spectrum re-use and unparalleled capacity.

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